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Academic Nature

The curriculum for every program at WildWise is carefully crafted to ensure participants learn practical life skills combined with real academic knowledge that will open their hearts, enrich their souls, and propel them into a future of intelligent and grounded nature connection.

Our experienced and certified staff meets each participant where they are in their individual physical and emotional development, assisting them to forge a path forward to succeed not just in our programs, but in their lives now and into the future as individuals and members of the larger community.

Adventure in the woods with us while learning new skills, cultivating new awareness, and developing a new sense of place. A healthy balance of skills, challenge, and fantasy!

Homeschool Support fosters a child’s intimate connection with the natural world while engaging them in developing personal, social, ancestral, and bushcraft skills in a fully outdoor school setting. Integrating Story Quests, Folk Lore, Seasonal Nature Crafts, Games, Songs, and Storytelling in a classroom of tall trees, grassy fields, and sandy beaches.

Step off the bus and into a forest full of mysteries and fun adventures. Adventure Scouts invites youth to explore diverse landscapes full of old growth trees, dancing creeks, and endless animal trails.

A Rite of Passage marks the beginning of a point of transformation. Coming of Age Rites have been used in cultures all around the globe since time immemorial and are a foundational element of healthy societies.

Outdoor school isn’t just for youth! Adults and families learn new skills, develop confidence in the woods, make new friends. Our classes and workshops help students discover their passions and become students of nature.

About us

A unique approach

WildWise is the premier EduLARP outdoor school in the United States offering enriching nature-centric Spring and Summer programs, year-long Home School Cupport courses, guided backpacking journeys and wilderness rites of passage for youth, adults, and families.

Educational Live-Action Role Play (EduLARP) is a form of spontaneous, co-creative, active learning. The WildWise EduLARP system utilizes interactive experiences embedded within conceptual narratives that inspire students to enjoy and retain their lessons. The unique experience of role-playing enhances student engagement, social skills, interest, and mastery of scholastic subject matter.

Our partners


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Oak Meadow

Founded in 1975, Oak Meadow is a nature-based, student-centered, secular curriculum which we use in our K-8 Forest School program.

Youth Passageways

Youth Passageways is an evolving network of individuals, organizations, and communities helping to regenerate healthy passages into mature adulthood for today’s youth.

Wilderness Guides Council

The Wilderness Guides Council is dedicated to reconnecting humans with the natural world.

Rite of Passage Journeys

Rite of Passage Journeys fosters self-discovery, community belonging and connection with the natural world in youth, adults and elders.

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