Founded in March 2013, WildWise is the first EduLARP organization in the United States.

Why is WildWise registered as a “church”?

  • Current corporate and business laws are in direct conflict with our mission of community connection.

WildWise is a Washington State nonprofit Corporation as defined in Section 24.03.005 of the Revised Code of Washington and in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Federal EIN is: 81-1170694
Washington State UBI is: 603-578-426
Washingston State Charities Registration Number is: 2001907
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Permit Number is: 004380

WildWise utilizes GMRS frequencies to communicate with staff in the field, and inter-staff communication.  WildWise operates a 50W base station from campus and each staff member carries an 8W handheld radio programmed to operate within our licensed frequency ranges.  WildWise holds a radio station authorization license for GMRS (ZA) issued by the FCC with the call sign WRKY408.

WildWise operates in Port Gamble Heritage Park, owned by Kitsap County Parks, under permit KC-237-21.
WildWise operates on the Rayonier Property located in Port Gamble, WA known as the Uplands under contract.

We are fully insured through United States Fire Insurance, our policy numbers are:
USP301923 – Liability
US1044688 – Accident
US318821Kitsap County Parks Certificate
US318821Rayonier Inc Certificate
US318821Raydient, LLC Certificate
US218821United States Government Certificate

Insurance Claim Form – The incident you are claiming must be reported to WildWise Staff and documented on our Incident Report Form prior to completing this form

Our Approach

The mission of Wild Wise is to build lasting community and connection to the natural world while adventuring and questing in the wilds.

We provide dynamic experiences for children and adults to learn valuable life skills, build strength of character, and value diversity of culture. Wild Wise is a place to become the hero within, and live the adventure!

WildWise operates under the registered trade names:
  • WildWise
  • Wild Wise
  • Wild Wise School
  • North Kitsap Forest School
  • WildWise School of Outdoor Adventure
  • NK Forest School
  • Kitsap Forest School
  • Washington Forest School
  • Madrona Forest School
  • WildWise School
  • Port Gamble Forest School
  • Kingston Forest School
  • WildChild
  • Wild Child
  • WildWise, A School of Outdoor Adventure
  • Kitsap Folk School
  • North Kitsap Folk School
  • WildWise Folk School
  • Wild Wise Folk School
  • Cascadia Forest School
  • Cascadia Folk School
  • Madrona Folk School
  • WoodSprites Nature Camp
  • Hearth Fire Camp
    • Ranger Adventure Camp
    • Quest For Fire
    • Kingston Folk School
    • Port Gamble Folk School
    • Poulsbo Forest School
    • Poulsbo Folk School
    • Before We Were White
  • Kitsap WildCraft
  • Kingston WildCraft
  • North Kitsap WildCraft
  • NatureQuest
  • WildCrafters
  • Poulsbo WildCraft
  • Forest Academy