Meet our founders, staff, instructors, mentors, coordinators... Our Family:

Wilderness First Responders.  Trauma-informed Educators.  Naturalists.  Certified Trackers.  Ethnobotanists.  State-Certified Teachers.  Swordsmen.  Environmental Protectors.  Outdoorsmen.  Wilderness Guides.  Indigenous Educators.  Story Tellers.  Entrepreneurs.  Combat Veterans.  Parents.  Students.  EduLARP Nerds.  Musicians.  Mariners.  Historians.  Chefs.  Philanthropists.

The WildWise family is at the forefront of knowledge in the technical, human and environmental skills needed to excel in the outdoors and bring their passion for educating youth and adults every day and to every program.

Founder | Program Director | Mystic Guild
Mentor | Scout Lead | Voyager Guild
Mentor | Scout Leader | Ranger Guild
Registrar | Bard & Mystic Guild
    Mentor | Crofter Guild
    Madrona Eickmeyer
    Forest School Apprentice
    Isobel Brightwood-Hillyard
    Annie Humiston
    Ranger's GuildMaster Emeritus
    Justin Lake
    Marisa Withey Byrne
    Cameron Withey Byrne
    Jakob Ledbetter