Bard Guildhand

Sia Riversong-Ray is a lover of the moon over the Salish Sea and the smell of creosote. She’s a bio-regional herbalist, folklore enthusiast and a believer in the magic of regenerative earthly connections. 

She spent most of her childhood and early adult years in Montana and Southern Colorado where she spent her time learning trapping skills from her Dad, homesteading skills from her Mom, followed by skiing, white water rafting, river kayaking and snowshoeing. 

Sia has fully embraced the practices, lore and legends of her heritage and her ancestors, primarily her Scottish, Irish, Norse and Indigenous roots. This reclamation has given her a deeper love for Mother Earth, folk magic, herbal medicine, community knowledge, culture keepers and the power of tradition. 

Since she was a child, Sia has been mesmerized by the magical and medicinal power of the natural world. For the last decade she has studied herbalism and has focused specifically in ancestral, astrological

and bio-regional herbalism for the last 3 years. She’s completed a full apprenticeship at the Hawthorn and Honey School of Intuitive Herbalism in Tacoma WA and the Rowan + Sage Astro-Herbalism Program. Sia has also completed courses through the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, Evolutionary Herbalism and spent many hours on her own foraging & learning. She’s currently studying Community Permaculture and Community Food Forests through various sources.