Program Policies


All applicants will receive a Confirmation letter or email within two weeks of Wild Wise School receipt of your completed registration form. If your workshop contains an overnight component a packing list can be found in the overnight handbook on the camp page. Important: Please do not consider enrollment in a workshop official until you have received confirmation from Wild Wise School. Please check your bulk mail folder to see if it has been redirected to there.

Health & Safety

WildWise School reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We strive to meet the needs of all participants, building a healthy working, learning and creative environment for all involved, staff, student, parents, and family. Very rarely, and almost never, this requires the dismissal of a youth or adult participant. If this occurs prior to the program we evaluate the circumstance. There will be no refunds if dismissal occurs during the program. We take the responsibility for the health of every team member seriously and set our standards high, addressing challenges as it affects the emotional and physical well being of the group and program team, other paying clients continuing to derive value from the program and the emotional well being of our staff. Grounds for evaluation and possibly dismissal includes but is not limited to: dangerous activities, emotional distress beyond the scope of our instructors, racist, sexist and otherwise bigoted behavior, accusatory and aggressive unsolicited advise, expectations that participants or staff conform to another person’s aggressively specific moral values and overwhelming, unspoken or indirect verbal, written or physically aggressive behavior. This is at the discretion of the instructor staff. We definitely appreciate well thought out and well versed feedback, both positive and negative, about how we can better meet each others needs in a functional way.

Program Standards

Program standards are set as goals only. These are subject to change based on our team collaboration with participants, including youth. They are also subject to change for other circumstantial issues, including but not limited to weather, cancellation of contractors, change in staff and/or instructors, and other options which may arise that instructors believe are more thematically appropriate. We are an outdoor program. Many of our activities are strenuous. We are not responsible for you or your child’s ability to participate in any activity or any program due to physical or emotional limits.

Refund Policy  (see below for COVID-19 update)

Thank you for considering one of our unique, life-affirming wilderness and intensive programs! Here are the details of our cancellation and refund policy.

Our Special Use Permits with the National Park Service, Mt. Rainier National Park, Kitsap County Parks, and Washington State Parks limits most of our programs to 9 participants, with 3 adult guides who are hired in advance. Due to the intensive nature and depth of commitment involved in our programs, it often takes time for families to research, connect with staff, and decide to enroll. In addition, families tend to book their summer activities far in advance. It is very rare that participants join us in the last few weeks before a program starts, so a late cancellation is likely to leave an empty space on the program.

Deposits are nonrefundable

As an educational, mission-based nonprofit, we channel all available funds to run our lean operation, deliver soul-enriching leadership training and community programs, and prepare for transformational rites of passage. Your deposit funds essential operations and securing skilled staff and necessary resources in advance, and is nonrefundable.

Available refunds for tuition paid to WildWise School

Based on when we receive your cancellation, the following refunds are available:

  • 60 days or more before program start date: deposit nonrefundable, all remaining tuition paid is refundable
  • 30 days or more before program start date: deposit nonrefundable, half remaining tuition paid is refundable
  • 29 days or less before program start date, no refund of tuition paid (see Exception*)
  • After start of program, no refunds are given
.  In some cases of extenuating circumstances, solely at WildWise discretion, partial credit towards a future program may be allowed.
 In the case of cancellation within 30 days of program start due to serious injury or emergency, half of your remaining tuition paid (not including nonrefundable deposit) will be applied as a credit towards a future program.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to your participation in our programs. Contact us at
Updated policy in the emerging reality of COVID-19

WildWise School is assessing the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus), and continues to monitor and follow the direction of public health authorities and National Parks and other venues, to best support the health of our cherished participants, volunteers, staff and communities. Please see section “Official Sources for latest updates” below. Meanwhile, we encourage all of our staff and community to follow CDC guidelines, and local health advisories.

COVID-19 related Summer Program STATUS:  

Currently, WildWise is actively preparing to run ALL Summer Programs

Remaining Spring Programs will be updated as follows:

  • 2019/2020 Adventure Scouts – Postponed until Washington State Stay-At-Home order is lifted
  • WoodSprites Spring Break Camp – Rescheduled for May 5, 6, 7, 2020
  • Ranger Adventure Spring Break Camp – Rescheduled for May 5, 6, 7, 2020
  • Spring Edible and Medicinal Plants – Running as scheduled
  • Spring Wild Edible Plants – Running as scheduled

Much of our operating expenses happen in the months leading up to our programs. As a small non-profit we rely on program tuition to fund these preparations, hence our standard payment in full dates for our programs. We understand that the COVID-19 situation presents families with a much bigger uncertainty and financial risk, when deciding whether to commit to a WildWise School experience. We welcome conversations as you consider securing your enrollment. Please contact us at We have also made the following modifications to our Cancellation policy to reduce some of the uncertainty in the event of a COVID-19 development for your family, WildWise School or the public.

  1. Cancellation at your request:
    • If you or your family chooses to cancel your program participation voluntarily, as part of your own risk management decisions (you have not suffered a direct COVID-19 impact in the form of illness, high-risk exposure, or public quarantine), WildWise School’s ongoing program refund policy applies (see above)
  2. You, or someone in your immediate family, gets sick and you cannot participate:
    • WildWise School’s ongoing refund policy applies (see above)
    • If your COVID-19-related cancellation is at 29 days or less, it will qualify for the Exception rule for serious injury or emergency in our regular Summer Program Refund Policy (see above): your full tuition paid (not including nonrefundable deposit) will be applied as a credit towards a future program. This will require a statement from a doctor confirming the evaluation of sickness or high-risk exposure.
  3. Cancellation of program required at the direction of public health authorities or our national or local park locations, or due to COVID-19-related low enrollment (fewer than 4 participants) or Team unavailability:
    • Your full tuition payment including deposit will be applied to the following season’s program, or can be credited towards a different program 
- consider donating all or a portion of your paid balance of tuition.
Invitation to Contribute:

If you are able, in the event of an unavoidable cancellation due to health authority or national or local park closure, WildWise School would greatly appreciate it if you could share in the cost of what would be a devastating organizational loss of summer program by donating all or some portion of your paid tuition (not including nonrefundable deposit) — to help us support the guides who committed their time and lives to be available to lead your trip, and are now out of work, as well as to help cover the overhead costs already incurred as we prepared for and supported your program.

Any Questions?

We have an open-door policy and welcome any and all questions regarding our approach to managing COVID-19. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to your participation in our programs. 
Contact us at

Official Sources for latest updates:

This refund policy does not apply to WildWise School Payment Plans.  Read our Payment Plan Refund Policy.

Annual membership and monthly dues are non-refundable

All changes are subject to availability.

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