Fire. It's primal. We fear it. We love it. We need fire to survive. But do you know how to make it?

Explore the element of fire while deepening your connections to self, community and nature.

Light a spark, change your life!

Fire is an integral part of what makes us human. Since time immemorial, when the gift of fire was first given to humanity, people have been using fire to cook food, keep warm, be with our community, share in sacred rituals, and keep the dark at bay. We connect with one another through stories, laughter, and tears while sitting around a fire as its hypnotic and fascinating effects relax our bodies, open our minds, and our spirit.

In our fun and practical Ancestral Fire Skills course you will learn what fire really is, where it comes from, and how to make fire in traditional ways. You will walk away with the wilderness survival skills of being able to create a matchless fire with natural materials. This course covers the mechanics of fire building, how to get a fire started in even the most challenging situations in the Pacific NorthWET, flint and steel, hand drill, and bow drill.

Each student will leave with their own bow drill or hand drill kit.

Space is limited and this is a popular course!

Workshop Details

Taught by Jakob Ledbetter