Spring Day Camps


WoodSprites complete and Epic Story Quest while learning how to forage for wild foods, create tools from nature, play games, create nature crafts, and develop a connection to the natural world while fostering imagination and creativity.

Ranger Adventure℠

Be introduced to Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Skills, tracking animals, learn to identify wild edible plants, build shelter, train to use a sword, play games and make friends. Rangers will be given a collaborative quest that requires teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Kids learn Wilderness Awareness, Natural History, and Life Sciences.

Summer Day Camps


Children won’t even know they are learning problem solving skills, life sciences and natural history as they play games in the forest and engage both mind and body. Our mentors help WoodSprites to trust that they are intelligent and capable people so that they learn awareness. Your kids will come home tired and dirty, with smiling faces and stories from camp.

Ranger Adventure℠

It is our goal to provide a place for youth to meet strong mentors, build lasting bonds of friendship, learn valuable life skills, connect with the wilds, and build strength of character.

Rhythms of the Wild℠

Explore the mystery and adventure of music in the Forest! Combining music, storytelling, poetry and nature, campers will work collaboratively in a quest to also learn about the secret language of birds and song, the music of the forest, the songs of the streams, and the rhythm of the sea.


Campers will meet farm animals and learn how to use a drop spindle, needle felt, card wool, churn butter, make preserves, cook with a dutch oven, identify edible and medicinal plants, create soaps and cosmetics, and more!

Overnight, Wilderness & Coming of Age

Voyager's Quest

5-day overnight back country wilderness adventure for 8-10 year olds.

Ranger's Quest

7-day overnight back country wilderness adventure for 10-12 year olds

Quest for Fire℠ for Girls 12-16

Quest for Fire is a three week, girls Rite of Passage into young womanhood through a Wilderness Immersion Journey into the heart of the Olympic Mountains. Girls will get to hike some of the most beautiful back country our state has to offer, play games, laugh, tell jokes and stories around a campfire, make new friends, star gaze, and revel in the joy of an experience that awakens their true selves, one they will remember all their lives.

Quest for Fire℠ for Boys 12-16

Quest for Fire marks the initiation of the journey into adulthood, and gives rise to the opportunity for boys to explore what healthy masculinity means to them, what sort of man they hope to be, and what their role will be in today’s society.

Mountain Adventure

Join WildWise for an epic journey with skilled mentors in the wilds of the Olympic Mountains as teens learn Wilderness Skills and enjoy experiences that prepare them for a lifetime of Nature Connection, Emotional Intelligence, and Outdoor Adventure.