Join WildWise on an Epic Quest and discover the Hero within!

Be introduced to Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Skills, tracking animals, learn to identify wild edible plants, build shelter, train to use a sword, play games and make friends. Rangers will be given a collaborative quest that requires teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Kids learn Wilderness Awareness, Natural History, and Life Sciences.


It is our goal to provide a place for youth to meet strong mentors, build lasting bonds of friendship, learn valuable life skills, connect with the wilds, and build strength of character.

Camp Details

Storytelling & Magic abound!

WildWise uses an Educational Live Action Role Play (EduLARP) system to make learning valuable skills exciting in our Ranger Adventure Camp. Kids learn best through engaging play and interactive challenges that stimulate their senses and inspire their natural drive to learn.


This camp runs concurrently with WoodSprites Camp.   Pick-up and drop off times and locations are the same for both.