A Bardic Journey of Music and Story

Explore the mystery and adventure of music in the Forest!  Combining music, storytelling, poetry and nature,  campers will work collaboratively in a quest to also learn about the secret language of birds and song, the music of the forest, the songs of the streams, and the rhythm of the sea.  These elements of nature will influence stories, poems, songs, and drumming.  Students will make a hoop drum to take home with them.

Camp Details

WildChild: Unplugged

Campers will create instruments and take home a frame drum that they have made themselves.  Camp will be a balance of musical creation and lessons, as well as playing active games and making friends.  Rhythms of the Wild is an experiential, hands on, and fun Adventure in Music!

Rhythms of the Wild is WildWise’ first Bard Guild Camp.  Bards are the keepers and recorders of culture.  The Earth speaks in lore, and to be a Bard is to listen and reflect, weaving connection and bringing communities together.