The journey continues...

Join WildWise for an epic journey with skilled mentors in the wilds of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains as teens learn Wilderness Skills and enjoy experiences that reinvigorate them for a lifetime of Nature Connection, Emotional Intelligence, and Outdoor Adventure.


This Adventure is designed to reengage teens to backpacking and the community building that they experienced during their rite of passage, though it is also a welcome trip for those just learning to backpack and develop a deeper connection to the natural world, including learning the ethics of the Leave no Trace principle, ten essentials, orienteering, and much more.

On Mountain Adventure, teens learn Wilderness Awareness and Survival Skills, Natural History, and Bushcraft skills including but not limited to:

Adventure Details

Donation Chart:

  • $0 – Does not cover permits, food, transportation, insurance, marketing, or staffing costs.
  • $295 – Covers permits and food.  Does not cover transportation, insurance, marketing, or staffing costs
  • $495 – Covers permits, food, transportation, insurance.  Does not cover marketing or staffing costs.
  • $795 – Covers all expenses of the trip.

While learning all of these important skills, WildWise teen programs include attention to the heart, soul, and mind of the adolescent. We hold our responsibility as Mentors sacred, and provide space for teens to explore their own internal wisdom, learn to communicate with intention, expand their world view, and help them remember the wonder in the world around them. WildWise holds council fire and our trauma informed mentors dive into the difficult topics and questions facing teens today.