Do you hear the call?

Rangers Quest inspires deep connections to the wonders of the natural world through a fun-filled backpacking trip through the Olympic Mountains.  Rangers will hone their skills in track and sign, ancestral fire, orienteering, self-reflection, council, and engage in group rituals with authentic sharing.


Playing games along the trails, sharing stories and songs, while exploring the deeper aspects of the natural world and learning back country skills in cooking and shelter making, edible and medicinal plants, animal identification and how to care for themselves and the group.


Rangers will be provided a significant introduction into the core of WildWise programs and will experience a sense of a rite of passage that takes place in our Quest for Fire journey as they spend a week away from their loved ones and the comforts of home, being immersed in an inspiring new environment.

Adventure Details

Donation Chart:

  • $0 – Does not cover permits, food, transportation, insurance, marketing, or staffing costs.
  • $295 – Covers permits and food.  Does not cover transportation, insurance, marketing, or staffing costs
  • $495 – Covers permits, food, transportation, insurance.  Does not cover marketing or staffing costs.
  • $795 – Covers all expenses of the trip.

While learning all of these important skills, WildWise pre-teen programs include attention to the heart, soul, and mind of the emerging adolescent. We hold our responsibility as Mentors sacred, and provide space for pre-teens to explore their own internal wisdom, learn to communicate with intention, expand their world view, and help them remember the wonder in the world around them. WildWise holds council fire and our trauma informed mentors dive into the difficult topics and questions facing pre-teens today.