Navigating the voyage through childhood

As the snows melt and the flowers emerge amongst the old trees and winding trails through the Olympic Mountains and down to the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, there is a call directly to the heart of the Voyager to learn more about the natural world they live in and be inspired by emerging understandings of Self and Community, an urge to push edges of comfort and embrace the challenges of the wilderness, telling stories around nighttime campfires, making new friends along the way and gazing at the night sky while having fun and playing and listening to the sounds of nature.

Voyagers Quest is often the first introduction youth have to being away from family.  This 5-day quest teaches how to play in the woods while learning camp and backpacking skills while also finding new ways to communicate and embracing the art of introspection and council under the care and guidance of the head of our Voyagers Guild and experienced mentors.

Adventure Details

Donation Chart:

  • $0 – Does not cover permits, food, transportation, insurance, marketing, or staffing costs.
  • $225 – Covers permits and food.  Does not cover transportation, insurance, marketing, or staffing costs
  • $325 – Covers permits, food, transportation, insurance.  Does not cover marketing or staffing costs.
  • $525 – Covers all expenses of the trip.

While learning all of these important skills, WildWise wilderness programs include attention to the heart, soul, and mind of the child. We hold our responsibility as Mentors sacred, and provide space for youth to explore their own internal wisdom, learn to communicate with intention, expand their world view, and help them remember the wonder in the world around them. WildWise holds council fire and our trauma informed mentors dive into the difficult topics and questions facing chldren today.