Where Scholastics Meets Farm and Forest

What is Home School Support?

WildWise Homeschool Support models a five day all outdoor interdisciplinary program.  Our unique curriculum blends contemporary academics with traditional wilderness, homestead, and naturalist skills.  Our Homeschool Support Program incorporates real world experiential learning that is rooted firmly in nature connection and community.

How we teach

The skillfully crafted curriculum at WildWise Homeschool Suport ensures your child learns practical life skills combined with real academic knowledge that will open their hearts, enrich their souls, and propel them into a future of intelligent and grounded connection to the natural world.

Our experienced and certified staff meet your child at their individual physical, emotional, and academic development, guiding them to forge a path forward to succeed not just in their academic journey, but in their lives now and into the future!

In the class’room‘:

Your childs classroom is the tall trees, grassy fields, and sandy beaches of our beautiful City, County, State, and National Parks.

Integrating EduLARPing through Story Quests, WildWise holds space for a childs natural sense of wonder to guide holistic education. 

Our outdoor classrooms make learning an adventure by stimulating your childs senses, engaging both their mind and body to be ready for learning. Your childs innate curiosity is a key part of everything we do, and WildWise Mentors help your child trust and know their own intelligence and capabilities, so that they may become incredible members of their community. We help them to push their personal edges and take appropriate risks in a safe and caring environment, building confidence and awareness.

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Is this an accredited private school?

WildWise is the first school in Washington State to offer an all outdoor full academic curriculum for students in grades K-8. As an all outdoor school, Washington State does not currently have signed legislation that provides a pathway for fully outdoor academic organizations that educate children beyond early learning to be approved private schools by the Washington State Board of Education.  A bill has been passed by the State Legislature and is currently awaiting gubernatorial signature.  We will know more if it is signed and implemented.

Is it home schooling?

WildWise Homeschool Support is a non-government parent partnership program.  Families will declare their intent to homeschool with the support of  WildWise state certified teachers, and WildWise Homeschool Support will facilitate complete and comprehensive curriculum that not only meets but often exceeds state standards. 

What is the curriculum?

We are proud to have partnered with Oak Meadow to use it’s world-renowned curriculum in WWFS grades K-8, which aligns with rigorous academic standards customized to meet the WildWise approach to education and learning. 

Is this right for students with special needs?

Every child is unique and learns at their own pace and in a rainbow of diverse ways.   WildWise staff will mentor students and provide the right level of support so that challenges are met at the right time.  If staff concludes that a student could benefit from additional support, we will work with parents to understand what outside resources are available to help provide the tools needed for your student’s success.  There are special needs that WildWise does not have the resources to support.  Please see the readiness checklist to ensure that WildWise Forest School is a good fit for your child.

Do you operate in all weather conditions?

WWFS meets rain or shine, warm or cold.  There are a few major weather or disaster related events that may cause school to cancel for the day.  This includes high wind warnings, extreme cold, high risk air quality, or the inability for staff and students to get to and from school safely. 

Do you ever meet indoors?

WWFS meets all outdoors all year long.  We do have covered and partially enclosed spaces so that we are able to implement curriculum that requires this resource.

Do you provide breakfast and lunch?

WildWise does not provide regular meals, however every Monday there is a Campus Lunch that is provided for.  This can consist of fresh farm-made soup and bread, or a potato and salad bar, maybe even pizza day made from scratch and baked in our cob oven!

What is expected of me and what is my participation as a Parent Partner?

Parent participation is crucial for the success of your child’s education, for the success of WildWise Forest School, and for the success of community.  Requirements are outlined in the Parent Handbook, and participation beyond those requirements as part of the Parent Association is highly encouraged.

What is the Parent Guild?

Each family is part of the WildWise Parent Guild (WWPG) which is facilitated by the WWPG Steering Committee.  Involvement and participation is encouraged to work together on projects and events for Forest School & Academy

What calendar do you follow?

WildWise School does not follow popular holiday and break schedules. We are an indigenous and nature based spirit led program and our holiday and break schedule orients to those practices. Please see our Forest School Calendar available in the drop down menu for when our holiday and seasonal break dates are.  We will often have family friendly gatherings during these breaks.

WildWise students dive deeper

Wilderness First Responders.  Trauma-informed Educators.  Naturalists.  Certified Trackers.  Ethnobotanists.  State-Certified Teachers.   Swordsmen.  Environmental Protectors.  Outdoorsmen.  Wilderness Guides.  Indigenous Educators.   Story Tellers.  Entrepreneurs.  Combat Veterans.  Parents.  Students.  EduLARP Nerds.  Musicians.  Mariners.  Historians.  Chefs.  Philanthropists.

The WildWise family is at the forefront of knowledge in the technical, human and environmental skills needed to excel in the outdoors and bring their passion for educating to WildWise every day.

Learning Outcomes

What contemporary academic subjects are covered?

WildWise partners with Oak Meadow to provide rigorous academic standards that meet and often exceed State requirements.

Campus Days

Students begin each day in an opening circle followed by morning movement and farm chores. Fire is an integral part of WildWise, and students spend time rotating building the fire so that there is always a fire with us.

After the morning routine, students move into the lessons of the day. Lessons are focused around academic subjects in each student’s grade level and/or where they are on their academic journey. After lunch students engage in active play, followed by afternoon activities that reinforce the lessons of the day. Monday also includes the music program Rhythms of the Wild. A closing circle completes the end of the day.

Park Days

Students begin the day with an opening circle followed by active play and games. Park days are spent exploring and reinforcing the curriculum. They learn natural history, awareness, bushcraft skills, orienteering, ethnobotany, and so much more as they continue to foster connection with nature, community, and self and expand upon their academic journey. The day is bookended with a closing circle.