Melissa Bell Sarlo

Forest School Mentor

Melissa SarloI am here because I am (and have been) witnessing the inner growth of a child who is a continuing and connective part of WildWise.
I am here because, as a mama, I believe in deliberate connection and tireless repetition of the first 7 years of life.

Aloha formulates my spirit; BodySurfing makes it soar. The Ocean & Wind steer my soul~I am a bird in flight.
Mother Earth is my ground. Luna is my light.
Listening is a practice, an art.
Helping others is my heart.
Cermony is important; INtention is essential.
Emotion is Energy In Motion, and it is meant to be/needs to be expressed.
Yoga, once upon a consistent mat, is an offering I have to teach.
Breath is a conscious choice and one thing we have the ability to control in this ever humbling life!!

Truth is the exposer of Self.
Plants are purposeFULL medicine.
HONU is our sailboat that we rebuilt (she resides in Mexico).
Hard working are my hands.
Love has no words.
Vayu (6.5) & Sequoia (3) are my deepest teachers: Adventure, Humility, pure TRUST~the ability to BE & be NOT afraid.

I am 3 years new to the PNW and the LAND is talking to me. I am O P E N. I am ready to guide, sing, play, explore, sit and GROW together with the wonderous, epically evolving love lights you are gifting this Forest School IN.RICH.ment opportunity to.

I am wishing you all hugs, grace, wellness and moments of raw emotion~now, more than ever, during this trying threshold of life…

Keep laughter and life flowing~~~I am grateful for this ever changing moment in time.