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Forest School

At WildWise Forest School, kids are outside every day.  Forest School fosters a child’s intimate connection with the natural world while engaging them in developing personal, social,  ancestral, and bushcraft skills. Integrating Story Quests, Folk Lore, Seasonal Nature Crafts, Games, Songs, and Storytelling in a classroom of tall trees, grassy fields, and sandy beaches, WildWise holds space for a child’s natural sense of wonder to guide holistic education.
An outdoor classroom makes learning an adventure by stimulating a child’s senses, engaging both their mind and body to be ready for learning.  Children are innately curious, and our qualified Mentors help children to trust that they are also intelligent and capable people, so that they may become responsible members of their community.  We help them to push their edges and take appropriate risks in a safe and caring environment, building confidence and awareness.
We play in nature as we harvest and forage wild foods, make our own crafts, study Natural History and Life Sciences, encouraging the imagination and fostering skills that last a lifetime.
Forest Schools hold a rich history beginning in Sweden and Denmark, migrating to the UK, Germany, and Canada, and are now beginning to take hold in the United States as a valuable educational choice. WildWise works hard to hold true to the integrity and valuable experience of traditional Forest Schools.

Researched and Documented Benefits of Forest School Include:

At WildWise School, we believe children have inalienable rights, including:

After fifteen years of Outdoor Education, and seven years as a school specializing in Nature Studies through Nature immersion, WildWise is excited to introduce our first year of Forest School to the North Kitsap Community, and we look forward to growing with our students.