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Tuition: $2,250 includes $500 deposit
Financial Aid may be available, see options in drop down below

Boys 12-15 (must have entered puberty)
July 10 – July 30, 2022



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Quest for Fire is a three week, indigenous led boys Rite of Passage into young manhood through a Wilderness Immersion Journey through the Olympic Mountains.

A Rite of Passage marks the beginning of a point of transformation. Coming of Age Rites have been used in cultures all around the globe since time immemorial and are a foundational element of healthy societies.

Quest for Fire marks the initiation of the journey into adulthood, and gives rise to the opportunity for boys to explore what healthy masculinity means to them, what sort of man they hope to be, and what their role will be in today’s society. The canvass of the mountains, skies, forests, glaciers, and cold waters of the Olympics is the medium that allows WildWise guides and mentors to provide the space for boys to orient to their own internal wisdom, learn to communicate with intention, explore and develop their weltanschauung, and enkindle wonder of the world around them. As boys face and overcome the trials and challenges of the journey and what it means to live closely in a community of mentors and peers away from the influences of media, video games, and daily life, a quieting of the mind begins to allow for their internal voice to be heard.