Rhythms of the Wild Summer Camp


A Bardic Journey of Music and Story

All Genders Ages 4-13
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00am – 4:00pm

When: July 19, 20, and 21, 2021
Where: Port Gamble Heritage Park & Others
Tuition: $156 includes $50 deposit

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Explore the mystery and adventure of music in an outdoor classroom!  Combining music, storytelling, and nature, Bards Guild Apprentice Eli Rusk will guide young Bards in training while engaging in the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, tempo and form.  Students will foster an understanding and love of music as they explore lyrical storytelling and poetry and begin to discover the beauty, challenges, and endless possibilities that are the magic of the Bard’s Guild.  Experiential, hands on, and fun!

As students develop their skills and discover their passions, they will have the opportunity to grow within the Guild and increase their knowledge and understanding of rich cultural histories, learn to play musical instruments, and journey through infinite possibilities to learn, imagine, and create.

Bards are the keepers and recorders of culture.  The Earth speaks in lore, and to be a Bard is to listen and reflect, weaving connection and bringing communities together.