Educational Live-Action Role Play (EduLARP) is a form of spontaneous, co-creative, active learning. The WildWise EduLARP system utilizes interactive experiences embedded within conceptual narratives that inspire students to enjoy and retain their lessons. The unique experience of role-playing enhances student engagement, social skills, interest, and mastery of scholastic subject matter.

The urge to enact narratives in a group setting is a natural expression of human culture, an essential part of ritual activity cross-culturally. Tribal cultures across the world enact participatory stories for pedagogical purposes within a group setting, often containing mythological or otherwise epic content. Therefore, these recent permutations of interactive storytelling emerging in the twentieth century are best viewed on a continuum of role-taking activities inherent to human social behavior.

The WildWise EduLARP system understands that emotion is extremely important in retaining key information, skills, and concepts. Through proper scaffolding, WildWise EduLARP can harness the emotional resonance inherent in role-playing, guiding students to not only learn the material but have it stay with them for the rest of their lives.