Step off the bus and into a forest full of mysteries and adventures

The ᚴᛅᚼᛐᚴI (Gähttje)  is an ongoing development program for young men to learn Wilderness Survival and Awareness, Folk Skills and Lore, Swordsmanship, Performance Art and Natural History using mythical play, story and Educational Live Action Role Play (EduLARP) to make learning valuable skills exciting.

Young men learn best through engagement and interactive challenges. Gähttje will complete tasks and demonstrate skills to earn Marks of Achievement and advance in rank. Our mission is to build lasting community and intimate connection to the natural world while adventuring and questing in the wilds.

It is our goal to provide a place for young boys and girls to meet strong mentors, build lasting bonds of friendship, learn valuable life skills, connect with the wilds, and build strength of character.

The Gähttje are guided by our qualified Guild Heads and Mentors, and with the help of parents, volunteers, and community members, they receive encouragement to pursue their individual interests, gaining knowledge through activities and challenges. As children discover themselves and become responsible and ethical young men and women in their community through achievement and service, Gähttje develop a sense of belonging, giving them confidence to face the many challenges along the path to adulthood.

Program Details

Journey Outcomes

Family and community participation is a significant and required component of Adventure Scouts. Parents and Guardians, along with important people in the Scouts life, will be asked to take part in weekend adventures and at home tasks to help them earn their Marks of Achievement.

Adventure Scouts is not a Wilderness Therapy program, and is not intended to provide therapeutic support or counseling for those in need of psychological help. Our Scout Mentors are deeply skilled in the process of soul exploration. Even those who may have formal training as therapists or mental health providers are not hired to engage in that practice out on the trail. Individuals struggling with emotional or psychological dynamics may find that a trip like this stimulates their underlying issues beyond the ability to manage them, and the trip and the guides are not hired to provide support in such situations. If you have concerns about this, especially if you are working with a therapist or counselor, we highly recommend you discuss your situation with us before registering for Adventure Scouts. We want to make sure that this program is a good match for your current situation and capability.