Join WildWise each day for Guild Studies! Weekdays 1:00-3:00

WildWise is governed by a system of six Guilds that guide the way we fulfill our mission of Nature and Community Connection.  Each Guild oversees different aspects of life as a human being, specializing in different skill sets and interests. 

Guilds we will be studying include the Ranger Guild, Bard Guild, Voyager Guild, Mystic Guild, and the Crofter Guild, each day of the week focusing on a different guild.  Choose which Guilds you hope to study, or come for all!

Monday:  Ranger Guild

Tuesday:  Voyager Guild

Wednesday:  Mystic Guild

Thursday:  Crofter Guild

Friday:  Bard Guild

Ranger Guild

Rangers are at home in the wilds.  The chief virtue of the Ranger Guild is Awareness.  They serve as mediators between the natural world and those humans who are not as familiar, helping to protect and preserve the wilds through sharing and educating about the places they love.  They are also scouts. A Ranger must be able to move great distances and spend days on end in the Wilderness, with the knowledge and skills for wilderness living such as track and sign, emergency shelter, bird language, archery, bushcraft, stealth, and much more.

 A Ranger is Aware.  A Ranger is Prepared.  A Ranger is Wild.  

Bards are the keepers of culture through performance arts and community connection.. They learn storytelling, theater, music, and circus arts.  Bards hold a powerful role as those who hold the memory and influence of a culture and tell it’s story.  A bard can also be a lawyer, motivational speaker, or other skills that require a mind for memory and public speaking.  The chief virtue of the Bard Guild is Connection.

Bard Guild

Mystic Guild

Mystics belong to the realm of magic. The chief virtue of the Mystic Guild is Reverence.  Those who dedicate themselves to the realm of Mystics revere Nature. They have formed such a close bond with the Natural World and the Elements that they have a deeper understanding of the mysteries of how the world works.  Mystics are allies to plants and animals and know which plants to eat and which to use as medicine.  Mystics can feel and see the web of life, they know that all is interconnected.  Mystics value scholarship and will study ancient texts and cultures to continue to unlock the mysteries of the universe.   Mystics are Scientists, ever seeking more knowledge and answers through study and observation.   Skills learned in the Mystics Guild include Natural History, Ethnobotony, Edible and Medicinal plants, Healing Arts, First Aid, Environmental Sciences, and much more!  

A Mystic is Reverent.  A Mystic is Curious.  A Mystic is Empathic and Intuitive.

Voyagers hear the Call to Adventure.  They are masters of sea and shore, learning how to maneuver a canoe, to sail,  to harvest seafood, and understand the life of the sea.  Voyagers are also known to travel great distances across the land.  They understand the larger picture of the interconnection of different ecosystems, explore a variety of landscapes and cultures.  Voyagers are trades people.    Voyagers are skilled in orienteering, navigation, leave no trace, knot tying, astronomy, backpacking, wilderness awareness, and diplomatic courtesy.  As Voyagers answer the call, they begin to Live the Adventure.

Voyager Guild

Crofter Guild

It is in the Croft and Village that one finds family, friends, home, and celebration. A Crofter learns homesteading skills such as basket weaving, gardening, animal husbandry, cooking,  and fiber arts.  The village is where the artisans are found.  A village would not be complete without a baker, a potter, a blacksmith,  a butcher, a seamstress, a candle maker, a carpenter,  and so on.  The Crofter Guild encompasses all of these skills and more.  The chief virtue of the Crofter Guild is Wisdom.